2015052795180034Introducing “The Little Last Drummers”. We like the sound of that, and that’s what we’re calling the division of all the youth that we teach. We are very proud when we see the youth retaining the knowledge that we are looking to pass on. It was a big moment for us when they recently completed their first performance on stage in front of their teachers, friends and family. It’s like planting a seed and watching it grow right before your eyes. The feeling of accomplishment and pride is overwhelming. We look to branch out even further, with more teaching and training for anyone that wants to learn. We are continuously taking steps towards our goal of launching the Drum Academy. As for the youth, these guys are amazing. Their brains seem to be working 10x as fast, showing the ability to soak up and grasp different concepts quickly. An excellent area to work in. We continue to urge all artists, teachers and performers to forge ahead and keep leaving footprints in the sand. Establish your own standard and blueprint that can be followed to success! The Last Drummers are doing their part to shape the future. Get in on the Action!


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