Growing up with a psychiatrist for a mother and a construction working father who has a love for music and Jujitsu, I Saadyah Vanterpool was born December 2 1983. I was exposed to the arts from an early age and as long as I can remember. With a unique ear for music, I also developed an eye for the language of the body giving me the opportunity to communicate a message of good energy through my niche for creating music with percussion. Since 2007, I have successfully helped to create along side my band The Last Drummers an internet presence, teaching percussion to all ages, producing CD’s, and creating an array of unique new sounds. “The interest is overwhelming”.

It is a challenge to keep up with the demand of the soul. I love the idea that being a musician is fun, making me smile and getting such a huge response from people positive or negative. My love for Martial arts (Jujitsu) is a major part of maintaining peace of mind as a native New Yorker, where many people share similar dreams.

In 1991, I began my study of  Martial arts. Through the practice of Martial arts, I learned that patience and persistence cannot leave one  short of accomplishing their goals. Like Martial arts, my love for music was born long before I learned to create music. I have performed at countless events including Birthday Parties, Weddings, numerous city colleges and universities, The Empire Room in The Empire State Building, Club Metronome NYC, Highline Ballroom, and Drom NYC amongst many hot spots in the Big Apple. Being part of  The Last Drummers, a band that includes those who share like minds and a desire to give happiness to the lovers of art through our music, allows me the opportunity to be creative everyday. I have found my calling. I love what I do and I am passionate about it.

Band Members

El Ephraim

Saa Vanterpool

Khaz Benyahmeen

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