IMG_20150420_155921Often, certain types of people get caught up on our name. “You guys need to change your name” or “Do you really think you’re the last drummers ever?” Positively, some people say truly you are “The Last Drummers that play the way you do that I will see today” or “The Last Drummers to put a smile on my face”, and so on. Our name is merely a play on words that reflects a deeper meaning of who we are and the road we’ve traveled. We’ll explore that more later on, but we want it to be clear that we are very concerned about and focused on the future generations. We are continuing the steps already taken to ensure that good music, outstanding character and Love for the Conga lives on forever. We encourage every performer to find the time to teach at some point. Teach not only the craft, but also pass on your perspective, passion and Love for the Arts. For us, it a continual eye opening life changer. To embrace the demeanor of a teacher, is surreal living in NYC. It requires extreme patience and sincerity. Teaching a child a new creative way to express themselves and having YOU stand out in their memory is invaluable. Leave your mark where it can be seen!



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